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Homemade Gifts

Making gifts for a special occasion is a great way to show someone how much you care, as well as a fantastic way to save a bit of money.

Homemade Preserved Gifts 

Sometimes it can be tricky coming up with good ideas, that are unique and will be appreciated by the recipient. So, we have compiled a load of great homemade gift ideas, that are thoughtful and classy. We've spent hours trawling through DIY tutorials and beautiful craft blogs to bring to you the definitive collection of homemade gift ideas.

Browse gift ideas by occasion, by person or by type, to find the perfect present for that special someone. Handmade Christmas presents, gift wrapping solutions, wedding anniversary present plans and tips on what to make for your family.

Easy and Simple Present Ideas

You don't need to get overly complicated when you are creating something; the best ideas are the simplest ones. So, most of our projects are easy homemade gift ideas that you can complete at home with no special skills required!

A simple hand painted or printed tea towel, or a cushion with the receiver's initials embroidered into it. Or even a bag of chocolate truffles. These simple ideas are often the most useful  and appreciated presents on any special occasion.

Save Money, Be Creative

It's great to save money and start being more creative, some of the most thoughtful presents start with inexpensive homemade gift ideas. It needn't cost you a fortune to put a smile on someone's face, it just needs time and a bit of creative thought.

But be careful to plan each present out, and don't buy more than you need and get too carried away, or you run the risk of spending more on your homemade gift, than if you had bought one! Take the time to plan out how much every little thing will cost, so there are no unfortunate surprises.

Personal and Unique

By making all your handmade gifts, you can be sure that you will be getting them a really unique homemade gift that they will cherish for years to come. You can put your own finishing touches to the items you make, so that they may always know who made such a fantastic present!

Sew in the recipient's initials, add a 'Made By' tag and embellish with a sweet vintage looking gift tag with a thoughtful phrase and your best wishes written on the back. Use all your memories and knowledge of the person to create a wonderful gift that they will really enjoy.

Classy Homemade Gifts

No matter what you make, create a few practice ones to begin with so that you can edit the design until you are satisfied with it. It's often very simple solutions that will make something look classy, like adding a ribbon when you wrap it, or adding a cute homemade gift tag.

Make fantastic professional looking homemade gifts by researching for ideas online, and by going to your local craft shops and sales. Or, if you really aren't the crafting type, you can buy handmade presents at online craft emporiums and local craft boutiques.



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