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Homemade Sewing Gifts

Sewing is a wonderful skill to have, and with a little practice everyone can make a simple bag or cushion cover. All you need is some really great fabric, colorful thread and interesting accessories!

Homemade Sewing Gift for Mother

 Homemade sewn gifts are a lovely thing to create for a gift giving celebration, and there are plenty of different tutorials to follow and inspiration to be found on the internet. Here are a few of the best:

     1. Cushion Covers
An envelope cushion is a simple beginner's project, and you can add littel flourishes of skill across your design, with a bit of patchwork, ruffling, embroidery or extra buttons. Check out some cool designs at Cluck Cluck Sew, Cloud 9 Fabrics and Bustle and Sew.

     2. Tea Towels
Another simple project, that you don't even really need to sew if you don't choose to - you can just pruchase plain ones and jazz them up. A combination of painting, printing and embroidery seems to work well, just be sure to use fabric paints so that the design lasts forever, and won't transfer whilst you are drying the dishes. A perfect gift for anyone who cooks or eats at home!

     3. Homemade Quilt
This is quite a complicated gift that takes a lot of time and love to create. There are several different methods of creating a quilt, or homemade eiderdown - patchwork is the most common method. A hand pieced quilt is a present that really shows you care, and will continue to be used for many years to come.

     4. Phone Case
Simple and useful, you just need to know what type of phone you are making for (an iPhone is a completely different shape from a standard flip-phone) as well as what sort of fabric to use. Add on initials and embroider or stamp decoration until it's suitably glammed up - although the simpler and chicer it is, the more it will get used!

     5. Patchwork Creations
Patchwork is a definite skill that takes a while to build up, but you can start with simple homemade patchwork gifts projects like creating patchwork covered journals, or a bag. Then you can move on to something a little more complex like a patchwork  pencil roll or a homemade potholder. These are totally one-of-a-kind gifts that are useful as well as beautiful.

     6. Bunting
This is a very cute idea, and you can create different sorts of bunting for different occasions. Either you can create some for somebody's bedroom or home (following their own colour schemes and preferences), for a particular event in the yearly calendar (like a Christmas or Easter set of bunting) or you could create it for a one off occasion (for instance, a baby shower or wedding). You can do a simple fabric one, or attach ribbons, let you kids design with fabric markers and paints or sprinkle with glitter - you decide!

     7. Plushies
A great gift for kids and babies, these cuddly toys are any childs favorite. You can create them in the shape of animals or objects, and use a variety of soft materials. Try an owl, or a bunny, or a mushroom, or an elephant.

     8. Napkins
Creating a set of napkins for someone is a simple yet professional looking homemade gift. Pick out some stylish fabric that you know goes with their cutlery and kitchenware, and add some edging as well as a little embroidered picture or initials. Wrap in tissue paper and a posh box for maximum wow factor!

If you know someone who is really crafty, why not put together a craft pack for them? Fill it with cut patchwork pieces, stamps, paints, stickers and all sorts of exciting things to play around with. They are sure to appreciate the effort, and be happy to have more projects to start!

A great way to print onto fabric, if you want to personalise some basic goodies like tshirts, onesies or dishtowels, is to follow a freezer paper stencil method - find excellent instructions over here. It doesn't require lots of expensive or fancy equipment and creates a beautifully clean edged effect.

For more ideas, check out these great links:
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