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Homemade Gifts for Children

Making something for a child is lots of fun, and there's so many different and unique projects you could make that your children will enjoy. From homemade playdough for an Easter surprise to their own personalized rucksack for their birthday, every child loves personalized and one-of-a-kind gifts!

Homemade Gifts for Kids

Keep in mind any hobbies or special interests the child has, and create from there. So, if they love cars for instance, then make your boy a giant car playmat or car embroidered rucksack or car shaped cookies.

But if you can't quite imagine up something wonderful that you are sure they will love, here are a few more ideas for you to sift through:

     1. Friendship Bracelets
This is a great idea for your kids to make for their friends, and it's a really fun activity that is pretty simple. You can individualise your friendship bracelets with beads or glitter thread. Or you could create a 'Make Your Own' bracelet kit with the colorful thread and beads together in a box with a pretty set of instructions.

     2. Phone Case
Perfect for any young person with a phone, you can create a phone case quite simply either with felt or fabric. FInd out what size the recipients phone is, and create a perfect fit case (if it's too big, it will look a little unprofessional) with a simple design on it. This could be the logo of a favourite sports team or their initials spelt out in stick-on rhinestones.

     3. Homemade Playdough
Not technically a gift, more like an activity, but it depends on how you present it. Make a rainbow of homemade playdough for your young child, and present it in a cellophane bag with a ribbon and star sprinkles. Or, give it in little tubs with silly names for each color and give with a few tools.    

     4. Floral Headband
Perfect for princesses, a floral headband is easy to create, and fun to personalise. Give a few different coloured bands so the receiver has enough to wear throughout the week. Try out a few different tutorials to find the one that suits you best - feather flower, fabric headband or silk floral.

     5. Bean Bags
A set of bean bags provides endless hours of creative fun! They are easy to make and very inexpensive, using only dried beans and scraps of fabric. Great for catching games and outdoor activities with all the family!

     6. Pick-Up Sticks
One of the greatest games ever invented, make your own homemade pick up sticks game to occupy children in bored moments. It's simple to do, but a lot of entertainment for a little one. Simply purchase  a few little bamboo sticks and adorn them with different coloured stripes to set out a point value system. Then create a little bag to keep them in, with a quick instruction leaflet and a very scure end sothey don't all slide out!

     7. Car Playmat
If your little boy loves cars, then he'll love his own homemade car playmat with roads, houses, car wash, school and church all appliqued on. Add on things in his local area, and put on some interesting places to stop and one-way systems and roundabouts. Add some parking spaces for other cars to stop at, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. Add a park, bakery, beach, trees, bank, farm, airport, zoo and shops. Then add some ribbons to tie it up with and some pouches to store the cars.

     8. A Kite
Another old-fashioned but perfect children's gift, a kite is easy to make and personalise, and great fun for all the family to enjoy. All you need is some wax kite paper, basketweaving reed and thread. This tutorial by Giddy Giddy is incredibly detailed and helpful, and the butterfly and flower kites are very pretty - although you could make any shape of course!

     9. Personalised Backpack
Any child would love a backpack that was totally unique, and had a really cute, fun design on it. Whether it's for a toddler, a girl or a  boy, keep the design simple by picking some funky fabric and then sewing in their name (either embroidered or stitched on with other fabric).

     10. Lunch Sack
Having your own lunch sack to take to school is a must, and it's important that it looks really cool! Try a monster design, or a geometric print bag or an oilcloth pattern. Head out and purchase some really cute fabric, and get going on the sewing machine.

If you are still stuck for ideas, you could try:
 ♥ Making them a fishing rod
 ♥ A homemade hula hoop
 ♥ Creating silly moustaches on sticks
 ♥ An easy summer A-frame tent for hot sunny days
 ♥ Mixing homemade cookie dough for your little budding chef
 ♥ Creating ballerina shoes with changeable shoe bows



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