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Homemade Presents for Mom

Mothers often love nothing more than a homemade gift from their children - it shows how much you care by the amount of time, thought and energy you have put in to making your gift look really special and unique.

Homemade Gifts for Mothers

Whether it's Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, or her birthday, there are all sorts of things a mother would appreciate receiving and opening from you! We have plenty of ideas to getting your creativity going:

     1. Homemade Breakfast
Every mother loves nothing more than time with her children - and a great way to start celebrating this special day is to cook her a favourite breakfast dish, whether that's pancakes with maple syrup and hot coffee, or belgian waffles with chocolate sauce or bacon and eggs and a mug of tea. Bring her a card and some flowers to put a big smile on her face!

     2. Lavender Sachets
A really simple but wonderful homemade gift you can create for your mum (which is the perfect from a daughter) is to sew up a few little lavender sachets for her to use in her closets and other places around the house. Simply cut out two squares (or other shapes) of pretty fabric, and sew them together almost all the way around, leaving a small gap to insert the lavender (or rosemary is nice too!), then stitch together completely. Trim with pinking shears and tie with a ribbon.

     3. Painted Clothes Pegs
This is the best handmade gift idea for a practical mother who loves to clean, and is a craft that children can enjoy helping with. Simply get some regular wooden clothespins and spray or paint them in different colours, or add on some pretty tape or fabric with glue. For more in depth instructions check out this tutorial over at Dana Made It.

     4. Gingham Placemats
For moms, or mother in laws, who love to cook and who have beautiful houses, why not make them a set of  pretty placemats? It's perfect for those of you with a sewing machine at hand, and a few spare hours - try making them with vintage fabric, or striped, or linen - and see if you can match them to your mom's kitchen decor.

     5. Recipe Card Holder
Just like the picture above, you too can create a beautiful wooden recipe card holder, which is also great for contact cards. A good Christmas gift to wrap up for your mom, it's not the easiest, but with a little help from a dad, uncle or careful brother it will be such a special treat. You can decorate it with an intricate design or simply stain it to keep things chic, the options are endless.

     6. Iced Tea
If you are looking for something cheap and simple, yet thoughtful and great for a hot summer day, then think about creating homemade iced tea to take round with a batch of your mom's favorite baked goods. It's a wonderful thing to receive, and something she would probably not make for herself - and if she loves tea, then she will adore it!

     7. Patchwork Quilt
If you are looking for a homemade gift idea for a really special occasion, say a 50th birthday or a 60th anniversary, then why not take a long time creating a patchwork quilt. There are plenty of guides out there for how to go about creating king size quilts or even photo quilts - so why not try giving this beautiful sewing gift idea a whirl!

 You don't even have to worry about just how professional your present looks - mom's just like to see you try hard at something (no matter your age, or level of ability)!

More great homemade gift ideas for moms:
 - 'My Mom's the Best' keychain - a great thing for children to create, and something really practical that your mum can use for many years to come.
 - Surprise her by decorating her wardrobe with vintage fabric - see the tutorial for a simple upholstering DIY at The Vintage Sheet Blog.
 - Postcard Pillow - a brilliant gift for anyone to make, great for relaxing in front of the television, and putting her feet up after a long day.



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